My first post!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever blog post! (I feel like a TV presenter writing a script right now). I’ve pondered over the thought of creating my own blog for a little while now as I read numerous fashion and beauty blogs online and thought I would give it a go. My posts will mostly be about fashion, beauty and lifestyle to start off with but I might dip my foot into some advice posts and my thoughts on certain matters which are circulating social media right now.  I’m definitely not a professional writer and I don’t claim to be so any advice or constructive criticism is definitely appreciated and in fact encouraged (I need all the help I can get).

I thought I’d start at square one and introduce myself, so you can get to know me and get to grasp with who I am and what I’m about. So here are 10 facts about me.

2015-11-04 11.03.29 (2)

  1. My name is Georgia Eloise Watts. I have a strong dislike for my middle name and debated on changing it to Ray (no not inspired by Miley), my Granddad’s name was Raymond so it thought it would be nice to remember him like that.


2. The majority of my close friends and family call me George, Geo or Gee and yes the Georgie Porgie nursery rhyme still haunts me to this day.

3. I’m really bloody short. I know a lot of people say that but seriously, sometimes I think I could pass as a dwarf. I think I’m about 5’2 and that’s on a good day. There are some positives to being short though I guess, like getting a child’s ticket on public transport (when I have no make-up on) or being able to shop in the petite and regular section in Topshop. Although the doubtful and unconvinced looks from bouncers as they look at your ID on a night out does get rather  annoying sometimes.

4. I’m currently studying Welsh (second language) at Swansea University. I love being Welsh and I love speaking Welsh but sometimes the struggle is real. Mutations are the devil (if you’re a fellow sheep shagger, you’ll feel my vibe). I wish I had taken a gap year the year before I came to University just to work full-time, earn some money and have some time off from education but instead now, once I’ve finished my degree I plan to work and then go travelling for a few months.

5. I dye my hair and I have since I was about 14. My natural hair colour is a reddish-brown, with natural golden highlights. I used to get teased quite a lot for being ‘ginger’ which looking back on now, I wasn’t and should have just laughed it off. But what did I do instead? I bleached my hair of course. Since then I’ve probably spent an embarrassing amount of money trying to achieve the perfect blonde, for me to only go and dye it brown a few weeks ago. Please listen to your mum when she tells you not to dye your hair and that you’ll regret it, because you will and you’ll spend years hating your teenage self for ruining your lovely natural hair.

2015-09-30 19.42.34 (1)

6. I have a dog called Milo, who is my pride and joy. He’s a cairn terrier (basically a dark version of a westie), he is two years old and not to be biased but the cutest little pooch ever. I wanted a dog for basically all my life and I nagged my parents, mainly my mother (shoutout to Mandy) for years until they were sick of me begging and showing them cute dogs on the internet. So if you’re desperate for a furry friend like I was, that plan is definitely a winner.

2015-11-04 16.19.38 (1)


7. I’ll try to keep this paragraph as short as possible as I could spend hours talking about this. I have a season ticket at Swansea City (which is football/soccer if you’re out of the loop) and I have done for over ten years now. My first game was when I was 5 or 6 at the Vetch Field, being a tiny child I couldn’t see the match because of these tall men standing in front of me in the terrace. I go to every home game and try to go to a few away games every season, it’s a bit hard to find the money when you’re a student. One of my most favourite away games was at Old Trafford last season when we beat them 2-1 and my favourite player Gylfi scored (apologies in advance to my flatmate Kat who’s a United fan),which for me made the day extra special. I can’t even begin to describe how it feels when I’m watching Swansea (the good, the bad and the ugly) and if you’ve never been to a football match I’d definitely recommend you go one time, you might even get the footy bug like I did.

2015-11-04 16.19.33 (1) 2015-11-04 16.19.43 (1) 2015-11-04 16.19.53 (1) 2015-11-04 16.20.00 (1)

8. Taking photos of literally everything (yes I’m that annoying girl who Instagram’s every meal) is a hobby of mine. At one point when I was younger I wanted to pursue a career in photography, but instead chose to keep it as a past time. I love the way a photo can capture a memory and then looking back at that photo can take you back instantly to that moment. I probably spend about half an hour editing and trying to find the perfect effects to show the photo in the best light, it’s a little sad I know. I stick to my trusty iPhone 6 camera and my little Samsung camera but sometime in the future I hope to invest in a high quality professional camera. Travelling and visiting new places, abroad or in this country is a passion of mine, I love to explore and learn about different places. New York is my FAVOURITE place on earth, specifically this big rock in Central Park, having been twice I have quite good knowledge of the city but I am constantly mind planning my next trip in my head. My next trip (after France for Euro 2016 next year) will hopefully be a trip to Italy, I’d like to inter rail around the country that invented my all-time favourite food, Pizza!!

10448735_10152988537503079_5435130533472132678_n     10300980_10206078447257821_7246167123125458860_n

2015-09-10 15.51.05      2015-09-26 22.26.58 (1)

9. My friends and family mean everything to me, I honestly wouldn’t be who I am today without them (super cheese). They honestly make me cry with laughter and sometimes I sit there and pathetically smile to myself at how lucky I am to have them all in my life. I don’t get to see my close friends as much as they’re all away at different universities but it’s always the same when we all get back together. I have quite a small friendship group but its how I like it to be honest. Coming to university made me realise how fake and two-faced some people can be, you can’t always trust everyone and you’ll drift in and out of friendships often. It doesn’t take away the fact that I’ve met some amazing people in Uni, including my flatmates, classmates, the cheerleading girls from last year (I was a Swansea Siren Cheerleader in my fresher year) and my boyfriend Jake.

10. My final fact is, when I started doing this post, I was going to do 50 facts, I slowly realised how hard that was and how much of an uninteresting person I am, So I ended up only doing 10, this tragically being the last haha!

Georgia xxx

Twitter – @georgieewatts

Instagram – @georgieeewatts


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