Unwinding On A Sunday

During the week, I can get really stressed and bogged down with uni work and never get the chance to relax, unwind and focus on little old me. So I try to dedicate my Sunday’s to doing nothing and treating myself to a little ‘me’ time in order to remain sane for the oncoming week.

Here is what I get up to on a typical Sunday.


1. I have 9am lectures every day of the week so on a Sunday, I let myself have a big lie in until about 11/12 o’ clock to rejuvenate myself. I don’t always sleep till this time, I normally just lay there dozing, checking social media or playing the Kim Kardashian Game (guilty). When I finally find the energy to remove myself from my bed, I head downstairs where I normally find my boyfriend making bacon sandwiches and tea.

2. If the weather is nice (which it rarely is in Swansea), me and my boyfriend wrap up and go for a stroll down the beach. It’s good exercise, helps to relax your mind and there’s always really cute dogs running around down there. We live just across the road from the beach which is ideal in the summer months.




Parka: Asos

Jumper: Primark

Jeans: Topshop

Scarf: New Look

Shoes: Office

3. On returning, we usually make ourselves a cup of tea and head back to bed to snuggle in the duvet and watch a film, which always results in us arguing because we can never agree on one to watch.


4. Jake regularly leaves me about this time to go spend time with his second girlfriend (his Xbox) so I get some down time by myself to do what I want, the pampering stage of my day.


5. More often than not, I will apply my coconut oil as a hair mask and sit there and flick through my magazines for about 45 minutes, my favourites are Glamour and Cosmopolitan. I usually take this time to post my blog post for the week or write down any ideas for a future blog post in my little dog notebook.


6.  I routinely shower then, shaving my legs and all that jazz, shampoo and conditioning my hair making sure the oil is all out. Once out the shower, I let my hair dry naturally and do my skincare routine. I change into my comfiest pyjama bottoms (mine are from Primark and are perfect for Christmas, even though I bought them in September) and an oversized top or my infamous sheep onesie.


7. I’ll make myself a cup of tea and bring it back upstairs, I’m really fond of the Pukka tea’s at the moment, they have loads in their range, my favourites are the ‘Night Time’ and ‘Detox’ ones. I’ll then light some little tea light candles in my room and switch on my fairy lights to make it super cosy.


8. I’ll take this time to moisturise, I always forget to do this part but I try to make an effort to remember as it’s really important to keep your skin moisturised especially in the winter months. I use the Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion for my body, it smells AMAZING and sinks into the skin pretty quickly. I’ll move onto my little feet and hands next, also using Soap & Glory products, The Hand Dream Super Cream and Heels Genius. I put on little ankle socks after using the Heels Genius to ensure all the cream is absorbed by my skin and not my bed sheets.


9. Afterwards I’ll try and immerse myself into a book instead of scrolling aimlessly down my Twitter feed, this helps to calm my mind and also makes me sleepy. One of my favourite books is Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. It’s such an original book and is honestly really touching, I’d definitely recommend it.

10. By now I’m probably fighting to keep my eyes open, so I finally give in and put my book to the side and close my eyes for the night. Until I finally cave and check Bloglovin‘ for a cheeky browse…

Georgia xxx

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