The Christmas Jumper


If there’s one thing about this time of year that I love the most, it’s the reappearance of the festive Christmas Jumpers. Be fashionable, rather ugly or just plain hilarious they’re definitely an essential during this joyous season.


 1. F&F Penguin Pom Pom Jumper  £18  2. Wildfox Morning Person Jumper £66  3. Dorothy Perkins Red Christmas Jumper £24  4. Boohoo Home Alone Jumper £15  5. Elf Christmas Jumper £15  6. Topshop Cracker Jumper £36

You can wear your Christmas jumpers everywhere, to your work’s Christmas party, on Christmas day, hey, you can wear it all year round if you really want to! Enjoy!


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10 thoughts on “The Christmas Jumper

  1. Oh, my word. That penguin jumper is the bomb! In Australia we don’t have much call for Christmas jumpers, but I found one at the local thrift store and whenever the temp drops low enough during Dec I’m going to pop it on with dorky excitement. It has reindeer, a Christmas tree and glitter. What’s not to love? (;

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