Goodbye 2015


Today is New Year’s Eve and it’s that time to reflect on the year you’ve had and look forward to the year ahead. 2015 was definitely a great year for me, like any year it was filled with ups and downs but overall I can look back and wave 2015 away with good memories.

The Highlights

One of the highlights of this year was being a part of my university cheer team. Early on in 2015 we went to Telford for the BCA University Nationals, we placed 5th and we were so happy, it was such a fun weekend but I was absolutely exhausted when we got back.

Then in April, we performed at the Welsh Varsity (which is when Cardiff University and Swansea University play each other in lots of sporting events). The main event is the rugby, which this year took place in the Liberty Stadium in Swansea. It was such a surreal experience, being a season ticket holder for the Swans at the Liberty, it was so weird being on the pitch and walking through the tunnel where the players come out of. I can honestly say I’ve never been so nervous in my life, I thought I was going to be sick there and then on the pitch. We performed in front of thousands of people, it went really well and I wasn’t sick…thank god.

Another highlight would be going to Cornwall to visit my boyfriend in the summer, for those who don’t know me and Jake met in uni last September (we were flatmates in halls) but he lives hours away from me. I hadn’t seen him for nearly two months since we finished uni for the summer so I was MEGA excited to see him and meet his family for the first time. I had never been to Cornwall before so it was such an exciting trip for me. We had such a wonderful week and I genuinely did fall in love with Cornwall.


Films, Books & TV Shows

My favourite films of 2015 were Legend, Jurassic World and Inside out, I don’t think I could have picked three more different films. I saw a lot of films in the cinema throughout the year but these three are the ones who stand out to me the most.

My favourite books that I read in 2015 were probably Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, both absolutely brilliant books and will stand as some of my favourites from now on. I’d definitely recommend watching the films of the books as well, although I was very disappointed with the film interpretation of Gone Girl. I also read Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Zoella) while I was in Cornwall, I wouldn’t say it was gripping book but it was an easy read which I got through in a couple of hours.

I don’t know where I’d start with my favourite TV Shows of 2015. I finished both Gossip Girl and The US Office on Netflix at the start of the year which were both excellent and Orange Is The New Black had me hooked from start to finish. I also started watching Pretty Little Liars after a recommendation from my housemate Kat, it was good to start off with but as I started making my way through the seasons I got bored and the storyline became ridiculous. ITV’s Doctor Foster had the whole nation, including me glued to their TV screens for weeks, I’ve never felt so tense watching a programme.



I was really late to the party and didn’t end up buying Taylor Swift‘s latest album until this summer and Shake It Off became my ultimate car jam, I’ve played the album endlessly much to my boyfriend’s dismay and I think we both know all the words now to most songs on the album. Ellie Goulding‘s album came towards the end of this year and I was such a flustered fan girl!


2015 was finally the year I tried cous cous and avocados, much to my own disappointment I really didn’t like the texture of an avocado so no cool  brunch Instagram photos for me.


My favourite piece of clothing has to be my Topshop Trench Coat, I’d been lusting after it for months and then I finally gave in and bought it. It was definitely worth the price and it makes me feel like a wicked cool inspector every time I wear it. It’s definitely an investment piece as I think it will never go out of style and it gives a touch of class to any outfit.



Having started university last year, I haven’t had the most money to branch out and try new products so I don’t have many favourites for beauty. My favourite lipstick WAS Mac’s Creme Cup, but I sadly lost it on a night out in re-freshers in February *cry face*. My non-make-up favourites are my Coconut Oil which I’ve raved about out so much in previous blog posts, it has completely changed my hair, I have really thick coarse hair and the coconut oil has really helped with keeping it smooth, it’s also been helping me grow my hair back to its normal long length.

I hope 2016 brings as much fun and joy as 2015 did, I’m determined to make the most of every new day that comes and enjoy every precious moment. 

Until next year lovelies,


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