Beat the January Blues

First of all I’d just like to wish a Happy New Year to you all, I hope you spent the remaining hours of 2015 surrounded by your loved ones, laughing and smiling and not drunkenly crying about where the year has gone. I don’t know if it’s just me, but after the New Year I get into a really depressive slump, Christmas is over for another year and I don’t really have much to look forward to for a couple of months. I thought I’d help those who like me get into this negative rut and need some endorphins released, because January is fun… right?



One of the best things to do to get your year started is to sort out all your clutter and get rid of things you don’t need any more, I’m such a hoarder and end just keeping stuff in boxes which I don’t use or need anymore. Dedicate a day to completely  reorganize and declutter, donate the clothes which you don’t wear anymore (as much as you tell yourself, oh I might wear it one day, you probably won’t). Sort out make-up, books or just general stuff you have lying around your room, make sure there is a place for everything and keep your surfaces clear. What’s the point in a desk if it’s just stacked with rubbish and you can’t work on it?

Change your look

Now you don’t have to do anything drastic, but changing up your look can really boost your confidence. If you’ve always wanted to dye your hair, go for it, new year new you right? Change up your make-up style, if last year you weren’t daring enough to try a bold lip, go out and rock it, make-up is removable so if you don’t like it it’s not the be all and end all. Take yourself on a little shopping trip, get them crazy shoes you were drooling over in December, if you’re a jeans person maybe try out a skirt and pair it with some wooly tights. We often get stuck in our comfort zones and resort to the same old things, the new year should encourage us to step out of these comfort zones and brave the change.

Get out there

January is such a miserable time of year, the weather is awful, it’s bloody freezing and there’s not much you can do really but why should the weather stop you from going out and meeting new people? Invite your friends out for a meal or cocktails in a cosy bar, join a zumba club or just explore your local communities. Anything is better than sitting in your house moping about the weather while watching back to back episodes of Friends. Meeting new people can really lift your mood, you never know who you might meet or what new experiences you’ll encounter. If you’re feeling spendy, book that holiday you’ve been wanting to go on for months, what better time to fly to an exotic country?

Get Moving

I know the first thing lots of people want to do after over indulging over the Christmas period is hit the gym hard and work off the winter belly. But how long does that really last? 3 weeks to a month, if that. If you’re a person who really hates doing vigorous exercise then don’t worry, you can still get your daily exercise is a simple way. Just walk. If you don’t live too far away from work or school, then walk, it will wake you up and you’ll probably be in a better mood because you won’t be stuck behind the morning traffic. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to your local shops to pick up your bread and milk. If you’re lucky enough to own a dog, treat them to long daily walks in different places, it’s not only lovely for them but for you as well. If you’re determined to shift that Christmas weight and get yourself into shape for the summer months, join a gym or class, most people stay more motivated when they work out with a friend. If you’re feeling brave, get a personal trainer, most gyms offer them, I guarantee they’ll whip your ass into shape and make sure you stay on track.

Until next time lovelies,


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20 thoughts on “Beat the January Blues

  1. This post is just what I need right now! I seriously need to declutter my room so thanks for encouraging me to do so! I also think I might start walking to school instead of going in the car as it’s an easy way to slot some exercise is to my life with out going to the gym. Thanks for a fab post!
    I hope you have a lovely new year💜🙆🏻
    Kristy X

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