What’s In My Makeup Bag?


I’ve wanted to do this blog post for a while now but held back because I haven’t got the biggest collection of make-up in my make-up bag. I never take my make-up bag out with me during the day, It’s just added unnecessary weight and I don’t really find the need to touch up throughout the day. Most of my make-up is from the drug store and being a student I don’t really get the chance to splash out on new products often, so be warned.. you won’t see any Charlotte Tilbury here for a while…

The Face


Sleek Face Contour Kit – I bought this a while ago while on a trip to Manchester, it’s fairly cheap for what you get, around the £10 mark I’d say. As you can see my bronzer has completely gone and I’ve hit pan with my highlighter. These are perfect shades for my skin tone, as I’m quite fair. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I’ve finished it up.

Soap & Glory Translucent BB cream – This has been in my make-up collection for a while but I’ve only recently started reaching for it. I use it as a primer under my make up and it works so well. It’s a great base for make up and smooths the skin. I feel like it makes my make-up look that extra bit better when I wear it and also noticed that my foundation lasts longer on my skin when I use this.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sunlight – This is the perfect shade for my skin tone, it adds a natural bronze (hence the name) to my skin and gives me a lovely glow even in the winter months. It’s got a little shimmer when you look at the product but once applied to the face it’s not noticeable. I’ve hit pan on this also but I don’t know if I’ll be repurchasing it, I’m really keen to try out the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer soon.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – This is one of the very few make-up brushes that I own and I  use this to blend my foundation. The brush is so soft and blends my foundation in well, unlike some brushes which just paint it on your face. I really need to invest in some other brushes to use on my face like blush brushes and a contour brush and I hear that the Real Techniques ones are a good investment.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation – A product very well known in the blogging world. I’ve used this for years and It’s my go to everyday foundation, I’m in the shade Ivory, which is the perfect shade for me during the winter when I’m practically a snowman’s colour, I don’t use this shade in the summer as I’m a bit more tan but this has SPF 15 which is pretty good especially if your moisturiser doesn’t have an SPF. This has never broken me out, I find it doesn’t feel that light on the skin but that’s not really a problem for me, it does have a bit of shimmer in but it’s not noticeable in natural light.Overall, it definitely does what it says on the bottle.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream – I use this BB cream on the days where I don’t want to wear a lot of face make-up, which is normally early morning rises for uni or when I’m running some errands. It’s so light and mattifys my oily skin (I probably wouldn’t recommend this for people with dry skin). It doesn’t look like I’m wearing make-up but makes me feel comfortable enough to know I don’t look like death on a stick when leaving the house.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Nude Foundation – I think it’s blatantly obvious to anyone who wears make-up that this foundation does not last 25 hours, nor does any foundation that probably exists now. I have this in the shade Soft Beige which is my shade during the summer or when I have a little bit of self tanner on during the winter months. It gives a flawless coverage but doesn’t feel cakey on my skin. It does stay on for a long period of time though, so perfect for people who work long days and don’t have the time to reapply or touch up. I also use the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in the shade Natural Beige which I use when I’ve fake tanned a few times for a night out to look dark and bronzed. Both these products also have SPF 20 which is a bonus because they are both great foundations.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – I normally use this every day for my under eyes and highlighting as it has a brightening effect. It’s quite a light concealer in terms of coverage. Mine is in the shade soft beige and suits my skin and blends in well, I don’t use this on blemishes and imperfections mainly because of the brightening effect but it definitely makes me look more awake when I wear this.

Collection Lasting Pefection Concealer – This is my and probably a lot of other peoples holy grail concealer, I simply can’t live without it. It has the perfect consistency, its quite thick but doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin, it covers any spots or blemishes I may have. I use this if I’ve had barely any sleep and my dark circles are horrendous, It covers them so well and doesn’t crease throughout the day. It’s so cheap so if you haven’t tried this you should definitely have a sneaky trip to Boots and pick this up, you will not regret it.

The Eyes


Rimmel Scandaleyes Xx-treme Mascara – This is definitely not one of my favourite mascara’s, it was on offer in Boots when I was looking for a new one and I thought I’d try it. It gives me length, but not much volume and I doesn’t make my lashes look ‘WOW’. It is very black thought but I find it manages to get black smudges under my eyes towards the end of the day. I probably won’t repurchase this as I have tried other mascara’s which I have much preferred.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – I don’t really have much to say about this, I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my brows. I get them done at the salon every few weeks (more like months lately) so that kind of keeps them in order. Mine is in the shade hazel, as my hair is a light brown at the moment but was originally very blonde when I bought this. It does what it’s supposed to and I have no complaints.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye-liner Pencil – Not much to say about this either, it’s not the best eye-liner I’ve used as you have to do a few layers to really get a dark black line. I rarely use this unless I’m going for a dark dramatic eye for a night out, I use it on my waterline and I do find it comes off throughout the night.


Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner – Like I said before, it’s not going to last that long. For the price it does a fairly good job, the colour is very black but also very prone to smudging and wearing off throughout the day.

No7 Define and Shimmer Eye Palette – This was gifted to my a while ago by my Nan when I wasn’t really into eye shadows but I kept it for safekeeping because I knew it would come in handy. As you can see I have never used that LOVELY green shade. Normally I use the light gold colour for every day use as an all over base and then the two dark colours for a smokey eye look for a night out. They’re very pigmented and stay on all night.

No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Tender – I stole this out of my mother’s make up bag (sorry mum!) but I feel like I probably have more use out of it than her. It’s a shimmery light pinky, peachy, goldy shade (perfect description there George..) and is great for every day wear. It just adds a little extra to an everyday make up look.



I have no idea where my eyelash curler and eye-shadow brush is from as I’ve had them for ages, which is pretty bad. I use my eyelash curler every day and love the little extra oomf it gives to my lashes.

Top: Collection 2000 Lip Liner in  17 Clover Pink |  Bottom: Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil in 140 Minimalist


I’m a big fan of lip products but I’m not very fussing when it comes to picking one, I’m not going to describe every lipstick as I feel like we’d be here all day and this post is long enough as it is (if you’ve managed to read this far then kudos to you). I do get quite try lips so I don’t always tend to lean towards matte lipsticks but if I like the colour of something I will buy it, regardless if it’s matte finish or not.


Left to Right: MAC Ruby Woo, Rimmel Kate Moss  Kiss of Life 111, Rimmel Kate Moss 110, , MAC Candy Yum Yum, Collection Satin Bow 13.


Vaseline is a staple in my life, I have so many (because they always seem to go walkabouts) and they’re literally dotted around everywhere in my room and bags. I definitely tend to go for more nude colours as I’m not always brave enough to make a statement with a bold lip.

From Left to Right: Fearne Red Lipgloss, Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in 015 Barclona Nights, Fearne Coral Pink Lipgloss, Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 101 Celestial, Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lip Lacquer, Fearne Nude Pink Lipgloss.

Thank you for reading, I wasn’t expecting this to be such a long post but I hope you enjoyed it nevertheless.

What is a staple you have in your make-up bag?


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29 thoughts on “What’s In My Makeup Bag?

  1. So glad it’s not just me thinking that about Rimmel mascara! Cannot wait to finish it so I can get back to my trusty Maybelline! I use the collection felt eyeliner too, but that one is a go-to for me. It’s the best felt liner I’ve used that’s in my budget!

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      1. I was thinking of doing one as I enjoy other peoples and yes definitely gives me an idea of what products to buy☺ Reading peoples blogs is an expensive habit as I buy more makeup haha xx


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