7 Date Ideas

Hello, lovelies! Today I thought I would bring you 7 fun date ideas for you and your other half (or potential other half, valentines day is approaching you know guys, oi oi!) It’s nice to change things up from the stereotypical going for a meal date and make things a little more interesting.

  1. Sunset Watching


This is such a great idea as it is very relaxing and allows you to spend quality time with your partner, you don’t have to sit there and just watch, take a book or just catch up together. I’d recommend a few cosy blankets though if you’re going to do this in the chillier months. Find the nearest beach, hill or mountain and enjoy for the price of nothing.

 2. Bike Riding


Something a bit more physical from the last idea but definitely just as fun. If you don’t own a bike, you can always hire them out from little rental shops for a few pounds. Grab your helmets and get your adventure on, cycling is a much cheaper way to explore and you’ll probably have more fun whilst doing so. Challenge your other half to a race and bring out your competitive side.

  3.  Going to a zoo 


This is one of my favourites being such an animal lover. It’s best to not to go in peak season (during the school holidays) as you’ll be stood at the back of crowds of screaming children. Most zoo’s do tickets for under £20 which makes this one, one of the most expensive on this list but you will be there for hours and you’ll have such a great time. Some recommendations for zoos: Dublin Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Bristol Zoo, Newquay Zoo,  Anna’s Welsh Zoo in Pembroke.

4. Going for long walks & Hiking

Personally, I love going for long walks when the weather is lovely, it gets my body moving and what better way to do it than going with your boyfriend/girlfriend? If you’re up for a challenge get your comfiest trainers on and hike up a mountain and admire the view from the top. When things get tough on your hike and you get tired, motivate each other, you’ll be proud of yourselves when you finally reach the top.

 5. Going for a coffee, a drink or a meal


Don’t just go into your local tried and tested restaurant/coffee shop and order your usual. Find a little independent cafe and order yourself a drink and a homemade snack. Turn off your phones (or at least put them on airplane mode) and just enjoy each others company. Talk about how your week is going, make plans for the next few weeks and just be in the moment. I often find that my boyfriend and I make the effort to go out somewhere together and just end up sitting on our phones scrolling through social media and totally ignoring each other for half the time (not purposely of course).

 6. Go bowling


Another great activity to do, especially for first dates is to go bowling. It’s fun, interactive and competitive. It’s a good ice breaker for first dates because you’re not under pressure to have awkward first date conversation, instead, it’s lighthearted and playful. You’ll find yourselves joking around and making fun of each other if one bowls badly. One idea I wouldn’t recommend for first dates is going to the cinema, you’ll barely have a conversation with the other person because you’ve sat in silence for a couple of hours and then the date is over before you even got started.

 7. Cook a meal or bake together


Cooking at home is the new eating out. It’s healthier and much more satisfying. Go out together and buy all your ingredients, then get your aprons on and get cracking. Cooking with your partner is quite romantic, it’s just you two and you don’t have the annoying buzz of everyone else’s conversation in the restaurant. Baking is also so fun to do with your partner, even if your masterpieces don’t turn out so eh, masterpiece-full?

If none of these ideas appeal to you and you’re a typical beauty blogger like myself, you can always make your other half try out your new beauty products like I do!


Lots of love,


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