Life Update & What I Got For My Birthday 2016


Hello lovelies, long time no post! I pressed the pause button on blogging for a while to give me some time to focus on myself and also to let myself think of some new blog post ideas for the near future. Not much has really happened since I last spoke to you guys, I rejoined the gym and got back into my health and fitness routine, I went to my first vegan restaurant and had the most amazing vegan cheesecake, my Euro 2016 tickets came in the post and my 20th birthday came and went.

I was thinking of doing some cooking/food type blog posts for you guys, I’m not exactly Nigella Lawson but I’d give myself an A for effort. I’ve been trying to cook more healthily lately, what with summer coming up and I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve literally just been  incorporating the most random vegetables into every possible meal that I can. Just a heads up to any students or lazy cooks like me, Lidl do the most amazing frozen packaged vegetables at the moment, they come in different styles like Italian, Chinese or Mexican – I know you think I’m crazy for over hyping some bloody frozen vegetables but seriously it’ll change the way you see and eat them. If food/cooking blog posts would be something you’re interested in then feel free to comment below, or if you guys would like to see any specific blog posts from me or review a product then give me a shout.

If you didn’t know already, in a couple of weeks I will be embarking on my travels to France for Euro 2016 (I say embarking, I’m only going for a fortnight and when I say travels, I mean flying on an aeroplane and staying in a lovely apartment) and I simply can’t wait. I’m going to document my travels on my blog, don’t worry if football is not your thing, I’ll be posting about touristy things, outfit posts and recommendations as well.

It was also my 20th birthday on the 22nd May, I celebrated by having a house party in my student house with my friends and my work colleagues, I did intend to go out but a stomach virus which I’d previously caught a couple of days before was just not budging and I spent my night with my head down the toilet while everyone else was out on the town. It was lovely to see all my wonderful friends though and catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a while. My family came down to Swansea on my actual birthday and took me out for lunch with my boyfriend. I received some lush presents for my birthday off my friends & family, I was so thrilled & grateful for them and thought I’d share what I got with my lovely readers.


My best friends all grouped together to buy me the Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette – YOU ABSOLUTE STINKERS!!  My best friend Louise and I were talking about it when I went up to visit her in Bristol earlier this month and she obviously remembered. I had to stop myself from crying when I opened it – I’m such a baby. Thank you to my wonderful friends!



My parents are giving me euros to spend in France but they also surprised me with this Jane Shilton bag – my mum has the same one and I’ve been eyeing it up so I think she wanted me to have my own instead of me borrowing hers.


My brother bought me this pretty blue peplum styled top from New Look, which will be perfect for when it’s hot in France.


Until next time, 


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