Vitamin E Oil by Eden’s Semilla | The Review


I’ve always played it pretty safe when it comes to skincare, just your basic cleanse, tone moisturise and chuck in a face mask in the mix once a week as well. So when Eden’s Semilla contacted me asking if I would like to try out their new Vitamin E Oil with Organic Rosehip & Jojoba Oil Blend I was more than happy to say yes, finally a step in the right direction to upping my skincare game.

I’ve been using the oil for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed so far, I’ve suffered from dehydrated skin in the past which has then resulted in my skin being really oily, but this has helped so much. The non-greasy formula (I know, oil being non greasy, who knew right?) means you don’t have that slimy mess look but still getting those nourishing nutrients into your skin. Once applied on the skin it absorbs quickly meaning you don’t have to awkwardly stand around avoiding contact with everything.


I’ve been using the oil on my face twice a day, every morning before applying my everyday moisturiser and makeup, then in the evening as well after doing my normal skincare regime. I thought that using an oil would cause my skin to go into a meltdown and break out, but I haven’t broken out once since I started using this, I think it’s actually helped control my blemishes and balance the oils in my skin.


I’ve been using this oil on my hands every night before bed as well because they get so dry this time of year and I wake up every morning with baby soft hands, my nails have loved this stuff as well, they grow so quickly now but they’re strong which is a big improvement considering my nails would snap at the slightest sign of growth. Considering that I’ve used the oil every day and night for the last three weeks, I haven’t even used a quarter of the bottle so it just shows a little go a long way with this beauty of a product.

I’m so happy with the improvements in my skin and nails and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone to who suffers from dry skin and brittle nails.

You can purchase the Vitamin E Oil here and check out their other products here.

Georgia xxx

*Disclaimer: this product was sent to me by Eden’s Semilla in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and  opinions are my own and have been formed after using the product for a number of weeks. I would never recommend a product I didn’t love*


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